Too afraid anyway… It won’t do you any good.

sc-online-150-v5The people here are much like those who surround all of us — commonplace, mundane, ordinary, but somehow — broken.┬áMay the sun shine brightly above your head, and may the sound of your footsteps and uneasy breathing not betray your presence to those who inhabit here.

Like any other community in the world, it is the people who make Solace Creek, Colorado unique. We may have more than our fair share of wealthy executives, political hard-ballers, obsession for ill-gotten gain… but we also the cops, lawyers, doctors, trash men, and bus drivers that make up a real town…in real life.

Near the Boulder-Springs Metroplex (aka the Plex), Solace Creek draws people from all walks of life, all levels of ambition… … and the entire spectrum of good and evil.