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Like any other community in the world, it is the people that make Solace Creek unique.


Like any other community in the world, it is the people that make Solace Creek unique. We have a saying about them: They are among those that surround us… commonplace, mundane, ordinary, but somehow… broken. May the sun shine brightly … Continue reading

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Archard, Toni

Antoinetta “Toni” Archard works at the Azteca Theater on South Broadway in Boulder-Springs.


  • Love Your Eyes

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Bellows, Andrea PsyD

Andrea Bellows, PsyD Andrea is a Boulder-Springs psychologist who lives in Solace Creek. She has an office in Solace creek she where she holds sessions on Tuesday of each week. Her best friends are Zasha Boldizsar and Berni Piat. A close friend of Darcy and Continue reading

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Brocard, Claire

Claire is a young actress who moved to Boulder-Springs from her small Nebraska home town. She’s done some minor theater and some training films and public access television. Her current claims to fame are dressing up in a clown suit to hawk hamburgers on a street corner and being in the only training film for survey equipment that ever contained a bedroom scene.
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Cade, Perseus

Born in Lawton Oklahoma, the son of a traveling preacher, Cade founded Acolytica.  Rev. Cade is also known as the Gleaner of Souls.

Think of the Branch Davidians on steroids. Over 15 million strong already, the Acolytican Church, under the leadership of Perseus Cade and Hugo Spengler is planning a merger.  The fiscal and philosophical marriage to Evangelical Crossway America will result in an organization over 30 members, bringing in over $11 billion a year.

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Combes, Det. Catherine (Case)

Det. Catherine 'Case' Combes Catherine “Case” Combes, came into the world on May 5, 1961, as American Astronaut Alan Shepherd waited in the Freedom 7 capsule atop a Redstone rocket for his fifteen minute flight into history. Born in Derry, also known as Londonderry, Ireland, Catherine’s father, Jamie, was an officer in the Royal Ulster Continue reading

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Dancer, Joely

Joely is a sales clerk at a fashion retailer. She lives for the active Boulder-Springs club scene. Her older sister Marci, still tries to keep an eye on her and keep her out of trouble.
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Dancer, Marci

Marcy is an account executive with Davis Utley, a large financial consulting firm in Boulder-Springs, Colorado. She is Joely’s older sister.

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DuMont, Ursuline Winkle

Ursuline Winkle DuMont is one the late Seymour Winkle’s three daughters. Winkle, who founded the retail giant SeemsFree, passed away in the late 1980s. A codicil in Seymour’s will created three trust funds that could not be touched until marriage, and that each of the husbands, not his daughters, would control the company stock included in those trusts.

Ursuline quickly married billionaire William “Big Willie” DuMont, assuming that since he had so much of his own money that he would let her control hers… wrong.

She hasn’t really done anything with her life, she’s include in the celebrities, because she’s “famous for being famously rich.”

Some of the places you can find Ursuline:

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DuMont, William Q F A (Big Willie)

William Albermarle “Big Willie” DuMont is the CEO and majority shareholder of CORE Airways. He started the company as Colorado Regional airways and retained the helm as it became one of the world’s largest carriers. Through his marriage to Ursuline Winkle, he controls fifty-one percent of SeemsFree, the world’s largest retailer. (He gets extra votes because he was wealthy before he married into the family, unlike his two brothers-in-law.)


Some places you can find Big Willie:

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