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Who doesn’t like to watch celebrities?  The celebs in Solace Creek have a lot of interesting things happening to, and around, them.  Airplanes falling, getting whacked by deranged fans, being able to foretell the future.  You know, those kinds of things.

DuMont, Ursuline Winkle

Ursuline Winkle DuMont is one the late Seymour Winkle’s three daughters. Winkle, who founded the retail giant SeemsFree, passed away in the late 1980s. A codicil in Seymour’s will created three trust funds that could not be touched until marriage, and that each of the husbands, not his daughters, would control the company stock included in those trusts.

Ursuline quickly married billionaire William “Big Willie” DuMont, assuming that since he had so much of his own money that he would let her control hers… wrong.

She hasn’t really done anything with her life, she’s include in the celebrities, because she’s “famous for being famously rich.”

Some of the places you can find Ursuline:

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Piat, Bernadette (Berni)

Berni is the morning DJ at KZUD 88.2 Solace Creek, Colorado. She is a native of Manchester England, ex-wife to a French Formula 1 driver, and firmly believes that the meaning of life can be found in Bob Marley songs.

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Reese, Marly

Marly is a reporter for Television station KYBN5 Boulder-Springs. Obnoxious, she is one of those ‘how did you feel?’ kinds of reporters.

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Sugarwine, Edwina (Steady Eddy)

Edwina is a former professional tennis player. In addition to her top-five ranking for a number of years, she was one of the original players in World Team Tennis. She began with the Denver Racquets, later the Phoenix Racquets, but moved back to Colorado the late 1970s. Her nickname, Steady Eddy, came from her solid control of the basline game.

She owns the nightclub, Steady Eddie’s, on Goldminer Avenue in Boulder-Springs, Colorado. Many people who know little about the nightclub assume that Steady Eddie is a wide receiver for the local professional football team.

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