Credits and Copyrights

Photo Credits:

tm-royo-credits-150-v4Many of the character photos on this website are licensed through The copyright for the individual photographer is displayed either in the picture caption or by rolling your mouse over the photograph. All photographs and illustrations, whether licensed or created internally are watermarked.

Downloading photographs from this website is prohibited.

Tool Credits:

The following tools were used in creating this website and the content behind it. Many of them have been, or will be, discussed on the Map Trap and Zap blog.

++ below indicates daily use GoTo applications

Details and internal uses of these tools are discussed in detail, available to the public, at
Desktop/Laptop Software
iPad apps
Web software

Planning and Design:

  • Freemind – an Open Source Mind Mapping Tool (interchanges data with iThougts HD – below)
  • iThoughts HD ++ – an application for the Apple iPad
  • Timeline ++ – an Open Source Project
  • Organize Pro ++ – scheduling and project management (Windows, Mac, iPad)

Story Development:

Character Development:

Story Execution:

Bonus Content Execution:

Bonus content is created using a vast array of applications for iPad, Mac, and Windows. Tool choice is based on desired result.

Licensed Images:

The majority of licensed images in our systems come from Other sources are Corbis and Hemera. All licensed images are credited on the sites where they appear.  Some images are used as purchased and others become part of our photoillustrations.

Any images not otherwise credited are © ChaliceMedia LLC all rights reserved.

 Trademarks and Copyrights: (not all-inclusive)

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