tm-legalroyo-150-v4The Solace Creek site network, the village of Solace Creek, Colorado and all other references contained herein are fiction. Any resemblance to actual persons or places is unintentional. Solace Creek, Colorado; Boulder-Springs, Colorado; The Solace Creek Statesman; The Boulder-Springs Journal; Acolytica; York Broadcast Network; SeemsFree; BeriCraft; and other businesses and communities contained herein are fictional components of the Solace Creek Stories.

The people of Solace Creek, Colorado, Boulder-Springs, Colorado, and the surrounding areas are fictional as well, although some of the place names used in the stories may be actual places for realism. The political and corporate characters in the Solace Creek Stories may be composites of real public figures.

All material on The Solace Creek site network, and it’s included websites are proprietary to, and copyright ChaliceMedia LLC, all rights reserved. For clarification on any of this website’s content, please refer the Contacts page at the home site of ChaliceMedia LLC.

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